Bowers Elementary

Activities to Try:

1) Write different three-digit whole numbers together. Practice putting the numbers in order together.

2) Ask your child to add two 3-digit numbers together using a hundred chart or number line.


Cynthia Mallison Locker

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Cynthia Mallison

Welcome to Room 14

Welcome to Room 14

Welcome to Third Grade!


This will be another year of exciting energy, interesting ideas, and lively learning!  

Please eat a healthy breakfast and come to school on-time ready to learn.     

Recommended Supplies:

  • dry erase markers
  • ‚Äčsharpened pencils
  • an old clean sock (to wipe white board with)

Classroom Wishlist:

  • reams of colored TAG (cardstock) paper
  • GALLON-sized FREEZER Ziploc bags
  • set of $1 books from Scholastic Book orders (preferably six or seven)
  • 'prizes' for our monthly prize boxes (fun pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pens, markers, stickers, bookmarks, etc.)

Contact Information:

Please click on the link to enter your information.



Book Orders:

When sent home in the Wednesday envelope, book orders will be due the following Wednesday.  Orders can be placed online via code DPMRB.  Order forms that are returned to school should include cash or check.  Orders typically will arrive within a week and a half or two from the due date.