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Hello and Welcome to 2017-2018 School Year! My name is Noreen Avgarski, I will be your child’s preschool teacher in room 19!


Noreen Avgarski

Welcome to Room 19!

Things to know about our class...



G’Anna Nevarez– Monday to Friday

Toni Scarborough- Monday to Tuesday

Chris Jarvi- Wednesday

Kathy Jackson-Thursday to Friday


Class Times:

8:15am-10:45am Morning Group;

10:45-11:30 staff prep time and lunch break

11:30pm-2:00pm Afternoon Group





If your child is late to school you will also need to check in at the office and get a tardy pass before dropping off your child to class and to avoid having your child marked as absent.

The school has a policy for children that are picked up early for appointments.  If you pick up your child before the scheduled dismissal time you must check in with the office. Office staff will call the classroom to dismiss your child from class, and a classroom staff will bring your child to the office. Children are not going to be released unless you check in with the office first.


Also, if you plan on picking up your child early and he/she is a bus rider, you must call the bus company to let them know.  You also need to call the bus company in the morning if your child is a bus rider and not coming to school or if you will be bringing your child to school. Their number is (408)998-8275.


Training Days- All of the preschool classrooms are closed the following days for training and preparation of the curriculum for the month.

●       September 6

●       October 4

●       November 1

●       December 6

●       February 7

●       March 7

●       April 4

●       May 2


Note: Preschool is NOT closed in January and June.


Reporting Absences

The office is equipped with a phone answering service 24 hours a day. Parents should notify the office each day their child is absent. Please call 408-423-1105 and provide the following information:

  1. Student’s name (last name first).

  2. Teacher’s name and/or room number.

  3. Reason for absence (illness, family emergency, medical appointments, etc.).

  4. Caller’s name and caller’s relationship to student (parent, guardian, etc.).

  5. Phone number where you can be reached   during the day.


If you do not clear your child’s absence, the absence will be considered unexcused.

If your child has been ill or running a fever the night before a school day, please do not send your child to school until his or her temperature has been normal for at least 24 hours.  A note should accompany your child upon returning to school.


Notes and Reminders

Please send snacks for your child to eat during the school day in his/her backpack. Also send an extra set of clothes in case we need to change your child’s clothing. If your child wears diapers, send them to school as well. You may send diapers in bulk or 2 at a time for day use.


Don’t forget to label all your child’s belongings such as backpack, extra clothes, lunch box, water bottles, etc.


The staff parking lots are closed to all traffic beginning at 8:00 am. Parents are not to use the staff parking lots for drop off and pick up. Drop off and pick up of ALL students is in the front of the school along Barkley and Larsen.  There are no U-turns allowed on either Larsen or Barkley.  Please use Warburton and then Shamrock or Wade to get to Barkley.  Parents are not allowed to wait in front of classrooms or wait in hallways for students to be dismissed. Please drive carefully as safety of our students is our most important concern.



Preschool is required to wear uniforms. Children can wear red or white polo shirt and black bottoms. They can be purchased at Target, Costco, Walmart and JCPenny are great options. If your child has sensory sensitivity to uniforms or is potty training and needs to wear an elastic waistband, please still wear appropriate colors. If you do not have financial means to purchase a uniform please talk to the front office about looking at the closet of gently used uniforms to see if any of the shirts/tops may fit your child.