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Current Crops Planted

Coming soon.

Garden Wish List

The following items are on our wish list:

100 ft garden hose

Hose reel

Weed wacker


2-3 hand weeders

Hammer and nails

Snail bait


Water plants for pond

Native shrubs

Potting soil

Bird seed

Hummingbird feeder & food

Fish food

Seedlings for fall planting

Later in winter:
Fruit trees
Grape vines


Bowers School Garden

Welcome to our school garden. We have 14 plots, an orchard, a pond with goldfish, a greenhouse, a pergola shading a seating/work area, a composting area, and an outdoor classroom seating area. Classrooms are welcome to visit the garden whenever they like, and all classes have a garden rotation for 14-15 weeks during the year. Students enjoy looking at the plants, counting the fish, searching for bugs, and digging in the dirt.  In addition they are learning about composting, and NGSS Science Standards.

Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers to help maintain our school garden throughout the year. Here are some ways that you can help out:


Lunchtime Compost Program

We need 1 or more volunteers to support our lunchtime compost program. You will supervise students to collect left over fruits and vegetables by the lunch tables, then walk them down to the garden to deliver buckets of compost material. Time is approximately 12:15 - 1:00 pm every day.

General Maintenance & Summer Maintenance

We need volunteers to help keep the garden planted, weeded, watered, etc. throughout the school year. Time can be whenever it works for you. We'd love your help!



If you have other ideas to help out the Bowers School Garden, we welcome them! Please contact the office or Mrs. Keith and Mrs. Mallison in Rm. 14!