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Room 8 Monthly Newsletters

Diana Volta

Welcome to 2nd Grade!



Mrs. Volta

Room 8




Math Foundation Skills to Practice at Home

1) Memorize Addition Facts using Flash Cards

2) Practice reading and writing all numbers 0-120.

3) Know how to recognize odd/even numbers by looking at the 1's place

Homework Book Bags

Homework Book Bags will be going home beginning on Tuesday, September 5th.


Book Bags will include a leveled reading book, two school library books, and reading logs.


Book bags are returned and new books are exchanged daily. Reading logs are checked each day when students return their book bags. Library books are to remain in your child's book bag and can be returned any day of the week. Our assigned Library day is Tuesdays.


Sharks Reading Is Cool!

Let's Reach Our Reading Goal for a Sharkie Visit!


October Top Reader:  TBA


November Top Reader:  TBA


December Top Reader:  TBA


January Top Reader:TBA


February Top Reader:  TBA


March Top Reader:  TBA


April Top Reader:  TBA



School Donations Appreciated!


Colored Copy Paper

Fun Erasers


Fun Pencils

Items found in the Target $1 Bin Section for our student store