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Health Office - Medications/Allergies/Injuries


Any student who must take medication (prescription or over the counter) during school hours may be assisted by school staff provided there is:

  • a written prescription from the health care provider
  • prescription must include the name of the medication, dosage, time to be given, frequency, route and duration
  • a written parental request



If your child has severe allergic reactions and has an emergency auto-injector for anaphylaxis, please have your health care provider complete the Allergies and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan (or their equivalent).



If your student experiences an injury that temporarily limits his/her physical ability, s/he may continue to participate in Physical Education (PE) class through modified activity.  Please have the doctor provide a note indicating what specific activities your child can do, OR have the doctor complete and sign the form linked below. Your child should then give the form to the school office.



Medication Authorization

Allergies and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Elementary PE Modifications


Forms are also available in the office.  Forms must be renewed each year.