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Project Cornerstone

Do you like to read to children?

Can you spare just three hours a month?

If you answered YES to both of these questions you could, quite literally, be changing the life of a child! Project Cornerstone’s ABC program provides our children with the tools and skills to thrive. Each month a school wide book is read in every classroom. The book and discussion teach life skills and tools to deal with social conflicts. ABC gives students a safe and caring place to talk about their feelings, experiences and concerns. ABC gives our entire school community, from principal to student, a shared vocabulary and collective strategies for dealing with difficult situations both in school and out.

Becoming a Project Cornerstone ABC reader involves:

 Attending an hour-long meeting, once a month, to learn about the book, discussion points and planned activities

 Preparation and reading the book in your child’s classroom, leading the discussion and delivering the activity.

Become one of our ABC readers. Help make our school a safer and more caring place to learn and grow. 

Contact Mrs. Blanc

To learn more about Project Cornerstone, please click here.

Asset Building Champions (ABC) Program

ABC is Project Cornerstone’s effective parent engagement program. It is composed of a preschool and elementary school strand, with more than 2,900 adults reading to 38,000+ kids in 127 schools. Volunteers are trained in the developmental assets model for positive youth development, and prepared to read a specially selected children’s book and lead related activities and discussions in classrooms each month. The program’s goal is to help school communities achieve the following:

  • Create a common language and vocabulary about student respect and behavior expectations among all members of the school community — students, parents and caregivers, teachers and staff. 
  • Help students develop skills to handle physical, verbal, relational and digital bullying and to STAND UP if they see someone else being bullied. 
  • Increase the number of caring adults on campus so that all students feel that there is at least one adult they can turn to if they have a problem.
  • Contribute to a positive school climate where every student feels valued and supported to achieve and thrive.
  • Preschool is the newest ABC program and continues to grow throughout Silicon Valley, it is available in English and Spanish.

Learn more about how Project Cornerstone impacts students!  Click HERE to see a great video!

If you're interested in signing up to be a reader, please come into the office!

Become a Project Cornerstone reader & volunteer!  Click here for more information.  We are looking for parents, grandparents, guardians, to read stories to our students in our Assest Building Champion (ABC) program.   All that is required from you is about an hour of your time each month.  Please email Mrs. Blanc if you are interested and she will send you the information.  You can also find information about Project Cornerstone here on our Bowers website!