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Safety Patrol

School Safety Patrol

Bowers School Safety Patrol is a group of fifth grade students who work together to create a safer environment for pedestrians walking to school.  The fifth graders are learning teamwork, confidence and pride while they serve as members of the Safety Patrol.

Safety Patrol operates every morning. There are two safety patrol units, one is teacher guided and the other is parent guided.

How can you help?

Bowers School Safety Patrol needs parent help in order to build on their success!

What a Parent Guide Does:

  • Help students notice the flow of pedestrian and car traffic
  • Monitor Safety Patrol Officers behaviors (making sure they are paying attention and are being respectful)
  • Be the adult in charge

You do not need to be the parent of a Safety Patrol Officer to be a Parent Guide

If you are interested in helping, please stop by the office, or see your child's teacher.