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Weekly Reminders

The following "specials" occur every week unless otherwise mentioned:


MON - Garden (1st Semester) / Vocal Music (2nd Semester)

TUES - PE with Mr. Volta

WED - Library (must return or renew book)

THURS - Instrumental Music with Mrs. Kost / HW Due

FRI - PE with Mr. Volta (with Room 11)

Mrs. Bézard's Fourth Grade


I truly believe open communication between home and school is the best way to support a child's academic success. 

Email is the best way to contact me. 


If you need to call, our classroom phone number is (408) 423-1152. Please note that this will work during school closures. If I am unable to answer your call immediately, I will get back to you as soon as possible.



I have sent out a few emails since schools closed on Monday 3/16. If you have not received an email from me since schools closed, please email me ASAP at so your child does not miss out on distance learning opportunities. 

  • How to log in to Google classroom / ANY Google app / District Chromebooks  
    • Go to
    • login: 
      • email = s[lunch number] (so for example if a student's lunch number is 123456,their email would be 
      • password = Last initial, First initial, and birth date in the format MMDDYYYY. (For example a student named John Doe who was born on January 5, 2010 would have the password Dj01052010)
      • Students should be able to find the dreambox link from there.

March 30 / el 30 de marzo !  


Please check your email for updates. Por favor, consulta su correo electrónico. 


(Lo siento por mi español!) 

Mrs. Bezard
Mrs. Bezard
Welcome to Room 12 !

I am so looking forward to working with your children this year in 4th grade. Please check back here frequently for updates on upcoming events, homework, and other important announcements.